About the Oslo Crows

Started in 2008, the Oslo Crows were one of the first AFL teams here in Norway. Whilst Oslo didn’t have quite the same facilities and large grounds for AFL, though, it did have numerous football and rugby grounds and a population crying out for a more physical and challenging sport!

And so, driven by the passion of one Australian who happened to support the Adelaide Crows FC, the Oslo Crows – and AFL in Norway – was soon born, with the side quickly turned from a few ex-pat Australians wanting to kick the footy, into a team full of Norwegians, Australians, and people from all across the world living here in beautiful Oslo.

Whilst traditional AFL requires 18 players per side, at least, the European format of 9-per-side quickly spread and is reflected in the current style of footy we play here in Oslo as well. At the moment, the Oslo Crows are one of 3 AFL teams in the Oslo area, but the club also frequently represents the face of Oslo football in general, with all 3 Oslo teams frequently working together under the “Crows” banner to organise training, games, and social events.

The Norwegian competition itself usually begins in May and goes through to September, with matches between the three Oslo teams counting towards the highly-sought-after Kenguru Cup. However, as well as the domestic competition, the club is also involved in sending teams to regular tournaments in Denmark, Sweden and the European Champions league – which is held in a different city each year! Plus, if you are of Norwegian or European descent you may be eligible to represent Norway as part of the Norway Trolls – the all-Norwegian all-stars who get to represent the country at the Euro Cup.

With people frequently coming and going from the club – especially Australians who might just be passing through on a brief working visa – the club relies heavily on the good social element and passion of those involved to keep it going and keep the competition alive. With a desire to get Aussie Rules going at a university level, the club is also part of recruiting for University-based teams, and is looking to re-establish a womens league – which is gaining more and more momentum!

So, if you want to be a part of AFL history and really help grow and support a local club, get involved with AFL here in Norway and join the Crows! With the actual Crows based in the Sagene area, the club can also put you in contact with the Oslo East and Ås teams if they are closer for you – or let you know about the state of AFL at your university. In any case, there is sure to be a good group of people to join for a kick in your local area!

However, at the end of the day, even if you are just curious to try the sport, and maybe have a kick – give us a call and come to training! We guarantee to make you feel welcome, with a great team atmosphere and a great social environment. Bring a friend, come alone, or bring 10 people – it doesn’t matter! The more the merrier, and we are sure that everyone will get something out of being a part of their local AFL team.


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