Seb chats to KB and Dr Turf

Today was a very special occasion for club president Sebastian Muller, as he got the pleasure of being interviewed live on Australian prime-time radio (which, unfortunately equated to about 6am Oslo time!)

With Richmond Tigers legend Kevin Bartlett and radio horse-racing guru Dr Turf in charge of the questions, the interview proved a great opportunity to get some publicity for the club, and for both Norway, and Australian-football here in Europe.

With Australia seemingly fascinated with Norway after watching this country of 5 million people dominate the winter Olympics, the trio chatted about the history of the Oslo Crows, our prospects for playing in a grand final, and the format of the European version of the game.

Plus, with the Australian radio team intrigued by our Norwegian diets, and supposedly “low taxes” (haha), we found that we may also have new followers of the club back in Australia, and might even score some guest commentators here in Oslo later in the summer.

Click here to listen to the full interview here.

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