Training at Voldsløkka

Well, we made it. The snow has officially melted, the city-bikes are out, shorts are back in fashion, and training for the 2018 football season is beginning at Voldsløkka!

The team is looking to train every Thursday, with game and training schedules to be confirmed very soon.

In the meantime, Thursday 26th at 5:50pm is locked in! So come down for a kick and some “topp stemning”.

New to the club? Don’t hesitate to pop down. Just look for the red, yellow and blue beanies – and obviously the people kicking the weird-shaped ball around! The club is always open to new members and especially people who have never played before, so don’t be shy – you will be one of the team before you know it!

So, just bring some football shoes (or any shoes with good grip for running on slightly-wet grass), bring a water bottle for yourself (or a beer), and even bring your friends if you want – it’s sure to be great season so try to get to as many training sessions as you can!

Carn the crows

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